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Wyzewaze is a winner of the ABA Techshow Startup Alley Competition.

“Read emails, manage your calendar and events, run activity reports, populate templates, add contacts to your CRM, order title and task manage files and more all under one roof for pennies a day. Don’t ever leave WyzeWaze we have robust integrations. Work smarter, not harder!”

Our Story

Transform attorney productivity. Wyzewaze was developed and inspired by several distinct shifts in our society.

We recognize the need to maintain connectivity “on-demand” and that there is a heightened awareness on the value of data patterns and the business value it derives. These technology-enabled, automated, business processes should be delivered to you as intuitively as possible without any burden of learning.
We’re experienced engineers and real estate professionals who want to share our desire to increase efficiency, productivity and of course, revenue. Technology is changing the way many businesses transact and there is a realization, that real estate has benefited greatly from improved efficiencies.

Our Features


Record personal and professional contact information and maintain a journal of notes and history of your clients and prospects.

Campaign Management

Create email templates for drip campaigns integrated with your preferred email and calendar provider. Integrations with most common platforms: Mail Chimp, etc.


Track your referral and lead Sources, maintain a collection of documents and files to increase your ROI.

Contact Management

Quick and easy mass contact import into our system. Push and pull data to/from other vendors(using APIs). Integrates Web Forms and Surveys from your website into your CRM lead funnel.

Intuitive Web Forms

Manage multiple matters in a simple, clean user interface.

One click "data extract" to quickly export data from your real estate contract and open a new transaction in WyzeWaze.

Order Title

Directly from our application. No more having to go to a third party vendor and re-key the transaction data.


Track important events and status updates such as contingencies and closing dates. Real-time tracking of closing readiness.

WyzeWaze's rapid deployment makes it much faster to complete documentation and send it out to clients/ save in the task management as a completed task.

Assign tasks to members of your firm and track the progress as it nears the closing date.


Manage your deadlines and capture important dates.


Use powerful workflows to automate repetitive tasks and increase accuracy.


Access your Gmail or Outlook emails without leaving your application.

Read, manage and prioritize your emails and calendar within WyzeWaze.


Emails are connected to your documents, tasks, transactions and case management files.

Email attachments are saved and synced to the appropriate file.


WyzeWaze's intuitive technology will notify you if we cannot recognize and an email contact and prompt you to add them to your CRM and classify them for future follow-up.


Manage your deadlines and capture important dates.

Document Management

WyzeWaze's document automation software helps provide efficiency, control and helps reduce risk.

Create digital transactions; store and organize the data in the cloud.

Template Library

Extend by building your own library of forms and documents for data flow and scalability.

Required Forms are completed in the Application.

Custom Templates

Autopopulate your file data into the template Brand with with your name and image/logo a click of a button eliminating the need for re-keying data.


WyzeWaze Rotunda is transforming how paper-based "transactional" industries operate and communicate and is responding to the need for an on-demand collaborative ecosystem.

Collaborate with anyone in real time.

Task Checklists

Secure digital signature for Compliance, convenience and productivity gains.

Powerful and intuitive e-signature solutions to not only record signature but also allow users to update document before signature.

3rd Party Portal

All parties to a transaction can review, receive and input documents, in real time, within a highly secure collaborative environment. This will eliminate untimely calls and emails and increase productivity and streamline the pre-closing process.


The document owner can invite the lender, client, attorney, brokers and title companies to view the documents for transaction that they are a party to.
All parties will receive automated email notifications that their file status updates in the Rotunda.

Time Tracker

Artificial Intelligence based Time Tracker system keeping track of every minute you spend on a matter so that you don't leave money on the table during Billing statement.

Generate Billing, invoices, and retainer documents easily.

View all billing actions on a matter Payments and outstanding invoices


Productivity Reporting Advanced Reporting and Quick-View Dashboards.

Revenue Report

Track the productivity of your associates by revenue, tasks they preform and transactions.

Referral Report

Know, in real time, who your referral sources are and compare year over year referral sources and trends.

Trend Reports

Know which source is trending down before it becomes a problem for your firm.

ROI Report

Know where your business is coming from to allocate marketing dollars and understand your ROI.

Easy Integrations

Includes out of the box integrations for simple, intuitive and easy to use mechanism to exchange data and content.

Integration Partners

Seamless integration with different applications including Gmail, Google Drive, Outlook, Zillow, Dotloop, MailChimp, Title Production Software, and many more.

Robust Security

We protect your data, content and documents with 128-bit SSL or AES-256 encryption standard as applicable.

Military Grade Security to increase security of sensitive data !

Secure Access

Secure access to the application and Entitlements.


Adheres to industry standards for security and document management, to protect clients interests with a secure and auditable evidence of record.
Activity logging and monitoring.

Real time Support

Real time user support.

Phone or Chat

Access our team via phone or our chat box.

Account Manager

Each subscriber is assigned an account manager for on-boarding and continuing support.

Issue Resolution

You focus on your business and will handle the technical issues that arise, quickly!

What can wyzewaze do for you?

Be More Productive Work smarter, Not harder!

Utilize our intuitive technology to scale your practice.

Increase Profits

Being more productive naturally leads to more money.

How It Works


Manage your clients, referral sources and other contacts within one ecosystem. Our application will automatically add new contacts from the real estate contract directly into the CRM as a new contact, in case you forget. You’ve closed a file! Our app will prompt you to send a follow up email, while it’s still fresh in your memory, from our CRM.

Take a deep dive into the specifics of a real estate transaction; contacts, documents, notes and every email from a one-stop matter portal. Mange the transactions milestones, from contract to closing, in one screen. Share notes and specifics of a matter with your colleagues in real time. Video integration to collaborate and execute documents here.

Drill down and identify more efficient ways of doing business. Faster, and better decision making data on an intuitive dashboard. Adjust your business strategy and spend trends centered on collective analytics. Forecasting has never been easier!

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