Loan Processing Services

Loan Processing Better, Faster, Cheaper !

Wyzewazeperforms set-up and sorting functions, review of loan documents as per the client’s guidelines and ensure the files that are being submitted to Underwriting are ready for the credit decision.

  • Offer Wide-ranging services – Our services and solutions span the entire mortgage lifecycle – origination, default management, title, and closing.
  • Innovation and investments – We invest in the development of proprietary tools and platforms – using emerging technologies such as machine learning and advanced analytics – to better understand customer needs, ensure compliance, and enhance service delivery.
  • Wyzewaze offers different engagement models – fixed cost, hourly, consumption cost that can be customized to meet client-specific needs.

Whether it is Loan Processing, Title Search, Closing Support, or Post-Closing, our services will exceed customer expectations!

Wyzewaze Differentiators:

Wyzewaze team has a stellar reputation for delivering services that exceed client expectations. Our BPO specialists offer the highest level of productivity, quality, scalability and cost-effectivness. Wyzewaze invests a considerable amount of time to understand your objectives, specific requirements, customer expectations and timelines and your business process so we can offer a tailored options for you.

  • Rapid Scalability – Ramp up or Ramp down in weeks!
  • Operational Excellence
  • Domain Expertise
  • Technology Innovation
  • Highest Level of Information Security

Loan Processing

  • Application review for completeness & accuracy
  • Review and validate documents in the package
  • Obtaining appraisal on the property
  • Loan (1003) set-up in Client’s LOS System
  • Order & follow-up on third party services (appraisal, insurance, PMI)
  • Verify income sources, employment and assets of the borrower
  • Order & evaluate credit docs
  • Title records verification
  • Identify and coordinate resolution of deficiencies
  • Update LOS
  • Submit to underwriting


  • Pre-funding review, audit
  • Initial and final Closing Disclosure
  • Review preliminary funding docs
  • Request corrections from title company


  • Post-closing package handling and review
  • Review signed documents to ensure completeness: e.g. Mortgage Note, HUD1, CD, Deed of Trust, Truth In lending, etc.
  • Compliance audit
  • Recording services (recording review; e-recording)
  • Funding and wiring review
  • MERS registration
  • Title and recording confirmation
  • Post fund QA
  • Recording fee reconciliation and refunds