As a lawyer that provides services to businesses, corporations, and organizations, your clients rely on you to provide peace of mind, expert advice, and assistance in navigating their day-to-day legal transactions and company growth. With Wyzewaze, you can keep track of your clients’ organizations or entities organized. Keep a list of your contacts and business law clients in Wyzewaze. See all of the contact details, documents, notes, matters, and communications logs connected to each. Make sure no followup, detail, or interaction is missed.


As a civil litigator, you work hard fighting for your clients. You spend tireless hours managing their cases, court dates, procedures, and reacting to your opposing counsels’ maneuvers. The last thing you want to do is battle with your legal software.

There’s nothing worse than missing a filing deadline or forgot to do something. That’s why Wyzewaze keeps you on track every step. Whether you’re handling personal disputes, medical malpractice claims, or other types of lawsuits, Wyzewaze makes it easy to stay on top of deadlines, keep key documents organized, and get paid faster. With our calendar sync and collaboration features that keep you informed of every court date, due dates for motions, interrogatories and responses, missing a step will be a distant memory.

Even better! Wyzewaze organizes your pleadings, discovery and correspondence with the ability to search on every item in the matter. Plus, with automatic time and activity tracking built in, get paid for all of the work you do and know the profitability of each matter. Now, you can be confident that Wyzewaze has you covered and that you clients return for more.


As an estate planning attorney, you help shape your clients’ legacies. Whether you’re helping a newly married couple create their first will, someone create a living will or a healthcare directive, Wyzewaze helps you create the best possible estate plans for your clients.

Access clients’ estate details in one easy-to-manage and secure place, with documents and estate planning specific forms accessible instantly.

Create digital, online intake forms for wills, trusts, powers of attorney, etc. to collect the information you need directly from your website Including: dates of birth, marriage dates and other specific information you need for your estate planning clients. Keep ,wills, trusts, and other important client documents organized according to each case file and access them from anywhere.
Law firms looking to simple Estate Planning practice management software along with great customer service are switching to Wyzewaze.


Let automatic time tracking, email management, automated letters and public forms make your family law practice its most efficient and profitable.

With automatic time tracking that will increase your firm’s billing, seamless email management, and an automated form library, Wyzewaze will make your family law practice the most efficient and profitable it can be. Time is your most valuable commodity as a family lawyer, so get the most out of it with Wyzewaze’s suite of efficiency and profitability features.

Create and manage Wyzewaze to keep key case and client information, including marriage dates, separation dates, and other details you need for your family law cases.

Create Task Lists for divorce, predecree, postdecree cases, custody cases, adoption cases, tailored to how your firm operates, so no key task or deadline missed.


Wyzewaze is the only leading Case Management Software with these comprehensive features to effectively manage Eviction / Forcible Entry & Detainer matter. Wyzewaze makes filing an eviction lawsuit as simple as answering a few questions about your property, your tenant(s), and the jurisdiction in which your property is located. Developed by a team comprised of experts in this industry who are on the front lines of the battle between property managers, delinquent tenants, and the courts, and software development team.

Our Notices feature enables users to automate the process of generate and send notices for tenants in seconds saving valuable time! Filing through our system ensures you are completing each step of a county´s eviction process according to law. Eviction filing based on local court process and customized local court documentation and integrated with e-Filing Software to make entire process seamless and avoid duplicating effort.


Your office has seen an influx of demand from consumers seeking legal counsel to help save their home from foreclosure. Wyzewaze application allows you to tackle the problem with wide range of solutions such as loan modification, short sales, loan forbearance, Loss Mitigation, DIL, bankruptcy, and litigation. Managing these services and various client types can be daunting, but our system is designed for these services. Wyzewaze system allows you to track many of foreclosure defense codes – Lack of Standing, Truth in Lending Act (TILA) Violations, Mortgage Servicer Errors, Federal or State Law Violation, Improper Documentation, Unscrupulous Bank Practices, Ethical Considerations, RESPA Violation, Predatory Lending, etc.

Wyzewaze is designed to help manage the loss mitigation file flow from intake, to processing, to final negotiations or settlements. Our software will help you manage the full process and provide complete visibility.


Wyzewaze’s intuitive legal practice management and full billing and reporting features offer the most robust, complete solution for small law firms.

Wyzewaze is rated by ABA Techshow as one of the best and easiest-to-use practice management software on the market. Wyzewaze’s automatic time tracking, document generation, and full billing and reporting features make small law firms their most efficient and most profitable. Join other small firms that are already operating at the top of their game.


With our easy to use Guardianship practice feature, now you can focus on your clients’ well-being while Wyzewaze worries about your well-being, saving you time and effort. Your clients’ well-being is the ultimate goal of your practice. Create custom template workflows so that it can be 100% devoted to your clients’ needs.


Your clients are in a difficult and vulnerable point in their lives. As a personal injury lawyer, you help clients navigate the claims process and you will do whatever it takes to bring them back on the path to recovery. Wyzewaze software helps you track all their relevant documents and communications such as medical records, negotiations, etc. to get the best result, so you can focus on fighting on behalf of your client. Let the leading personal injury case management software on the market make your firm its smartest and most efficient.

Use Wyzewaze to keep track of personal injury case-specific information like insurance claim numbers, opposing parties, and dates of incident.

Know everyone related to your client’s personal injury case by creating related contacts in Wyzewaze for insurers, physicians, and other involved parties.

Streamline client communications with Secure Portal: Share documents and communicate with clients, opposing parties, and adjusters—and keep it all organized. Share updates promptly and securely. Provide updates on the progress of the personal injury matter, securely send and receive sensitive documents. Allow your clients and other parties to track for updates themselves with our secure online portal.


Accuracy and attentiveness are key to protecting your clients and their lives’ work. With Wyzewaze’s Probate Law features, Probate lawyers can easily and confidently manage, challenge, and defend estates.


Use Wyzewaze’s Quit Claim Deed solution for creating valid, specific deed transfer documents to transfer and exchange properties quickly and easily. Our application enables you to effectively complete any Quit Claim deed – transfer property to or from a revocable living trust, or transfer property to one spouse as part of a divorce, transfer one co-owner’s interests to another co-owner, change the way owners hold title to the property. 

 With Wyzewaze’s templates for quitclaim, warranty and survivorship deeds you can manage Quit Claim matter accurately and save enormous time. Better yet, if your Title Company is integrated with Wyzewaze, then with a click of button the info is securely exchanged with Title Company without using email system.


Whether you are dealing with 50 or 500 transactions per year, let Wyzewaze automate your workflow, assemble your documents and do the calculations. Wyzewaze offers you the most comprehensive set of features for managing your real estate practice efficiently.


Commitment and Accessibility
Allow your Attorney Agents to directly order title from our application.We have an open API and can push transactional data to your production software in the form of a title order! Ask us about building a custom UI for your title company- utilizing our application as your Attorney Agent platform- your partners can take advantage of all our features. Make it easier for them to work with you simultaneously making their practice more efficient and productive.